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2022 Term 1


French - Spanish - Italian :


Adult language classes at Kumeu Arts or online in the comfort from your own home.  

classes start 14/02/2022


After-school Spanish and French  classes at

  • Hobsonville Point Primary School

  • Waimauku Primary School

  • Online


French Language Immersion weekends 

 Improve your French on our  French Language immersion weekends in beautiful Aotearoa. Click here for more information. 


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About Us


ABC Language Tuition offers language classes and tuition for all ages in French, Spanish, Dutch and Italian.

What we offer: 

  • Adult language classes at the Kumeu Arts Centre.

  • After school language classes at several schools 

  • Private tuition for all ages including NCEA and Cambridge students

  • Kids holiday programmes

  • Professional language packages for in-school teaching by specialist language teachers 

  • Exclusive trips to France with Boutique Tours France

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Patsy and her family moved to New Zealand in 2000 from Belgium, the multilingual centre of the European Community. She started working for the Ministry of Education and soon moved on to establish her own language business


Meet the Teachers

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As a linguist, Patsy enjoys teaching French and Spanish to children and adults. The growth of her business can be accredited to her hard work and love of children.

Born and raised in Belgium, Patsy has an inherent passion and aptitude for European languages and culture. Patsy also hosts tours to France for New Zealand clients.

​Her amazing organisational talents will ensure a stress-free, perfectly smooth tour experience.

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Teresita is a native Spanish speaker from Argentina. She is a qualified teacher with a major in pedagogy and psychology. Teresita is passionate about teaching and learning at the same time. She focuses on the learning needs of each student, her specialty is creating personalised resources for the needs of each student. She loves speaking her mother tongue with the children. Teresita makes her lessons meaningful and functional in a fun learning environment.


Ida was born in the region of Puglia in the South of Italy. She moved to New Zealand in 2016 after having lived in Australia for 2 years.

She obtained an Italian Master Degree in Law and last year was awarded a New Zealand Diploma in Business and Management. 

Ida has always been passionate about her culture and native language, for this reason, she often taught Italian to foreign friends in an amiable environment.

Ida now shares this passion with her students, bringing to her classes an authentic and joyful atmosphere.

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Josefien is a Canterbury-based university student with a love of languages and children. She studied French and Spanish throughout her secondary schooling. She lived in Tahiti for a few months and is now studying Engineering at UC. She is passionate about working with children and spreading her personal love of the European culture. Josefien is starting up classes in Christchurch and helping out when she is up in Auckland.


Miriama was born in French Polynesia and lived in Montpellier France for 5 years, as well as in New Caledonia for 9 years.  She graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Science and has been a teacher for more than 8 years in French Polynesia.  In 2017, she moved to New Zealand along with her family and has been teaching French to children and adults.  Miriama is a dedicated and passionate teacher and she is very excited to share and assist her students with La Langue Francaise. 



After School Classes


School Classes

For ages 5 and upwards, our after school language classes are open to all primary school students.

The classes are a fun, variety-filled session taught by a native speaker. The children learn the language through games, play and songs with core focus on speaking. We believe in “learning by doing” and include real conversations about everyday things that children recognise, relate well to and are familiar with.

The children are given an exercise book to bring every week to the class, we often have worksheets to practise the language learned during the lesson. We encourage the children to learn at their own pace and to participate when they feel comfortable doing so. Even if your child does not seem to actively participate, they are still learning by observing, listening and absorbing what’s happening around them.

Class times and venues

*subject to enrolment numbers

We follow the NZ primary schools terms and our classes are on weekdays at several primary schools in the area.       

Term fee: $180

Hobsonville Point Primary School HPPS

      French:   date and time to be confirmed 

      Spanish: date and time to be confirmed 

Waimauku School

      French:   Wednesday 3.15 to 4 pm

      Spanish: Tuesday 3.15 to 4 pm     


ONLINE LEARNING. For small groups up to 4 children - 45 min @ $20

per lesson - Book a min a 5 online lessons  

Private one-on one online lesson  

for 45 min @ $50

Learn a language in the comfort of your home

with your private tutor.



Adult Classes

All adult
Classes are now online till the end of the year. 

For ages 18 years and above.

Learn a language in a way that is relevant to you!

Our classes are 1.5 hrs and provide immersion in the language. You learn and absorb in a speaking environment of the target language (Spanish, French, Dutch or Italian). Our tutors are native speakers and you will learn the language with the correct pronunciation in a practical, fun and interactive class.

The classes are learner-centered and relevant to everyday situations. The target language is acquired through conversation, games and role-play.

The emphasis of these classes is to develop listening, comprehension and conversational skills.

*subject to enrolment numbers

Term fee: $230  with a min of  5 people enrolled  - different fees apply for smaller classes


  • Beginner level 1:      Online - time to confirm with tutor

  • Beginner level 2:      Wednesday   12.45 pm  to  2.15 pm

  • Intermediate level:  Wednesday    11.00 am  to 12.30 pm


  • Intermediate level:  Online - time to confirm with tutor

  • Beginner level:         Online -  time to confirm with tutor



  • Beginner level 1:      Online - time to confirm with tutor

  • Intermediate level:  Monday    5.00 pm to 6.30 pm

  • All adult language classes need a min of 5 students to start


Private lessons

One-on-one Online lessons with private tutor.

Fee: $65 for one hour  



Online Learning

Online Learning

Have fun and learn a new language online – all from the comfort of your home

with your private tutor!  Tailor-made lessons just for you.

Our tutors assess your level of language knowledge, and customise your lesson

structure and content accordingly. Your tutor makes the experience engaging

and fun, so you make progress and start speaking your target language

from day one.


Online learning with a min. of 3 students @ $35 per person per lesson - 1.5h

Online learning from 4  to 6 students @$30 per person per lesson -1.5h

Online learning from 6 students @ $20 per person per lesson - 1.5h


Online one-on-one language lesson @ 65 per person per lesson - 1h



Holiday Programmes



We organise French or Spanish combined language and cooking programmes throughout the year.

Your young gourmets will learn French/Spanish and the art of French/Spanish cuisine and cooking.

They learn the target language through games, songs and worksheets whilst being introduced to kitchen vocabulary, utensils and ingredients.

They are introduced to the basics of table etiquette plus they get to eat all the yummy meals they create! The kids cook a 3-course meal of French/Spanish specialties every day.

The students receive an exercise book with all the language notes and worksheets as well as the recipes for all the meals. They are encouraged to make those meals at home after the programme.

This programme is open for girls and boys who love food and like to cook and help in the kitchen. The Tutors are native French/Spanish speakers with a passion for food.

2022: French/ Spanish Language and Cooking Programme 

When: To be confirmed 

Where: Taupaki School

Cost: To be confirmed (including food, language resources and recipes

Bon Appétit!

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We offer one on one language tuition for all students, including those who need help with NCEA levels or Cambridge language exams. Learn a language with your private tutor.


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